How to Train With the Soccer Sidekick

Adjust the Cord

Hold Correctly

To adjust the cord to different color settings, simply move the cord through the plastic adjuster so that the hole closest to the soccer ball is within the two marks of the same color. Watch our "Adjusting the Cord" video above.  

Hold the cord by the handle with your arm in front of you. Make sure its on the same side as the foot kicking the ball so that it consistently returns to the correct part of your body. Don't pull back on the cord and don't let the cord pull you forward. You don't have to lift the ball up with your pass or with the handle. Just pass the ball on the ground like a normal 10 to 20 yard pass to a teammate, and control the ball back down to your feet to pass it again.  

Soccer Sidekick's Color Codes

  Foot:  The green section allows you to practice proper footwork and kicking. Improve your ability to pass, shoot and receive the ball.

GREEN for Feet: On the green setting the ball zips back to your feet when you kick it. You can work on receiving on the "half-turn", receiving with the outside of your foot, shooting and chipping the ball. 

ORANGE for Knee: On the orange setting the ball returns to your knees, allowing you to become excellent at receiving difficult rising passes. 


YELLOW for Chest: On the yellow setting the ball returns to your chest like a real lofted pass no matter how tall you are. You can become known for your chest volley goals. 

BLUE for Header:  On the blue setting the ball pops up for a header. You can work on jumping headers or let it pop over your head for an overhead trap. 


HANDLE for Goalkeepers: Set the cord to orange or green. Put the handle around your wrist and point your arm up to the sky as you shoot the ball. The ball will zoom back like a shot above your head or to the side depending on which foot you kick it with. 

HANDLE for Throw-ins: Put the handle around your wrist and throw the ball in with proper throwing technique about 6 feet in front of you. The ball will return to your hands or feet so you wont have to chase it.



Spins freely

Soccer Sidekick’s patented swivel design allows the soccer ball to spin freely on the elastic cord without tangling. The ball rolls naturally on the ground and pops back to you realistically. You simply pass the ball on the ground like a normal pass to a teammate and the ball returns to you like a real pass from a teammate. You can create game-like situations, whenever you want, wherever you are, by yourself. Prepare to become a master of ball control. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram & Twitter to stay in the loop: @SoccerSidekick.